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Finding Stillness in Uncertainty Mindfulness

Things are different now, and a quieter, more stable stress free tomorrow is unlikely to come. Instead we need to take a step back and find tools that help us access a place of calm.

This helps us build our resilience and energises us to do our best and feel more confident at work and home.

This online mindfulness based course gives you access to practical down to earth exercises that help you change your mindset and take control back of your negative or doubting mind. It helps you build energy and focus it on what’s important in the day then get a restful night’s sleep.

There are 7 accessible and easy to follow modules with videos, meditations and mindfulness exercises and reflective coaching and journaling exercises.


If you are new to mindfulness based coaching and meditation this course is a great introduction that gives you all the tools you need to quickly start a daily practice.

This course has been developed for busy people with busy minds to follow at their own pace. I created it from my own experience as a business and life coach who worked for 11 years as an entrepreneur while juggling a busy family life.

Mindfulness apps are great when you have an established practice, but like sticking to diets, new exercise regimes and any new year’s resolutions, it can be hard to make the change without help.

You will gain lifetime access to the course and to our online community for extra support from me and to hear and share experiences of like minded people across the globe.

PRICE: £49.99
SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER £34.99 – valid until the end of October.

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